Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 Ways to Supercharge Fan Engagement on Facebook

3 Ways to Supercharge Fan Engagement on Facebook...some great examples and reading here:

3 Ways to Supercharge Fan Engagement on FacebookFor most business owners, their biggest Facebook challenge is keeping fans consistently engaged. Whether you have 135 or 13,500 likes, the only way to really profit from a business page is to motivate fans to click, share and, eventually, act by buying a product or signing up for an event.
Unfortunately, persistently low engagement is a catch-22. Your brand page's EdgeRank score -- Facebook's algorithm for determining how content is featured in the News Feed -- is determined largely by user interactions. If your EdgeRank drops, your updates can languish, meaning users won't see them and may not interact with your page. That will result in an even lower EdgeRank.
But when applied consistently, these three strategies can turn the tide and increase fans' interaction with your Facebook page:
1. Market content with images.
The rise of the social networking site Pinterest underscores how much people love images and, more importantly, love sharing them. Visual marketing is about creating what I call relevant viral content -- content your core audience can't resist sharing. They're the people who are most likely to buy from you, so focus on catering to their interests with relevant and appealing images and strong calls to action.
Here are a few techniques to try: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE STEPS