Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome and thanks for connecting to me !

Over the past 12 months I started a Well being Blog in this environment for a USA based international group.This blog built to an average of more than 500 views a day and had readership across over 20 Countries in the 12 months with over 73000 visits and views.
My association with that group has now finished and I am now Starting today, my own private postings and blog across the areas of Business /Social Media / Well being and Health both for humans and pets.So if these things are of interest please feel free to drop by any time and subscribe free to my blog and that way you will get a daily email advising you of the latest posts.
I will cross link this blog to twitter/ linked in / facebook and Pinterest and Google + so as to give it full social media exposure. I aim to share the growth and statistics that are available in the back office here, so you can also be ecouraged to share your own material and start your own blog.
A great friend of mine Jim Rohn always said when we pass on the best things to leave behind are our photgraphs and our journals or diarys. The blog has become the modern version of the journal.
I look forward to you joining me here on this journey and will welcome comments and input at any time.
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