Friday, October 5, 2012

20 Vital Twitter Management Tools for 2012..Awesome informative reading here

20 Vital Twitter Management Tools for 2012

Twitter is a fantastic social media channel.  But rarely do I actually log in to Twitter.  I tend to use the various different tools instead to help me manage my Twitter presence.  I’m often asked which are my favourite sites to manage Twitter more effectively and today I thought I would share with you my top 20 tools.  Some of them I use on a regular basis and couldn’t live without, others I dip into as and when I need to. 

My favourite Twitter tools

  1. ManageFlitter: A great tool for easily managing your followers and who you are following. You can even link your Google+ account to your Twitter account. Also use it to find out which inactive accounts you follow, as well as search inside your Twitter stream.  I love ManageFlitter as it helps me see who is active/inactive out of my followers and use ManageFlitter regularly.
  2. Social Oomph  My favourite tool to send recurring scheduled tweets.  A great time saver and you can use it on multiple accounts too.  Has various other features like purging your inbox, auto-following but I tend to use Social Oomph just for the scheduling of recurring tweets.
  3. A great tool for keeping up to date with Twitter. It displays the people you are influenced by as well as those you are influencing the most. You can also obtain information on and update about who is mentioning you and your brand.
  4. Argyle SocialUse this to track your metrics on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, enabling you to measure the value of each social network. Learn how many clicks you get on your links and which networks visitors to your website have come from.
  5. TweetDeck: This makes engaging with your followers quick and easy. You can monitor various search terms, hashtags and accounts. You can create Twitter groups to follow only those who Twitter about certain topics, and set it up filters for your Tweets.  Similar to Hootsuite.  I personally use Hootsuite over TweetDeck and wrote a review on Hootsuite here.
  6. Refollow: Excellent for monitoring your Twitter network. You can check out someone’s bio/stats, helping you to decide whether to follow or unfollow them.  You can also easily sort your followers by various measures.
  7. TweetLevel: Enables you to connect with the right people on Twitter. Excellent for checking both Twitter topics and users and finding new people. Easily search and analyse hashtags. Order your Tweets by a variety of ways.
  8. TweepiA superb Twitter follower management tool. Offers insightful analytical information on Twitter users. Sort people you are following into different groups. Easily locate people following you (that you are not following).
  9. The archivist: One of the best tools for monitoring keywords and hashtags. You can use it to look up any search term, view its Twitter history, top users of the term, how much it’s been tweeted, and associated hashtags. You can even establish a file and keep tabs on the associated activity if you are launching a campaign with a specific hash tag.
  10. TwitterCounter: Gives comprehensive stats on all important Twitter activities, including number of followers, numbers following, and number of tweets. It also provides a graph displaying the twitter outputs versus follower numbers, clearly showing how well content is being received.
  11. TwitCam: Upload photos from your computer or live photos from your web cam then submit them directly to your twitter profile. You can also incorporate animations into your photos.
  12. Formulists – Enables you to build your lists more efficiently. It helps you to find, engage and analyse people on Twitter so you can build your community in a more effective way.
  13. Twylah:  Creates a website page out of your tweets, great for sharing your content and by using Twylah your tweets get greater exposure for longer.
  14. WhoTweetedMe: Great tool that analyzes a URL and shows you its most influential retweeters, potential reach and timeline.
  15. MarketMeSuite: This is a great social media dashboard. With it you can create reply campaigns, pull in RSS feeds, compare the Klout score of users you are interacting with, and collaborate with others.  It is also similar to Hootsuite/TweetDeck. They had some other cool features where you could brand your tweets but had problems with Twitter’s API so removed this feature (which was my favourite feature!)
  16. TweriodThis is good tool to find out the best time to send your tweets. Tweriod gives you an excellent analysis of when you will be best able to reach the most followers and get the most exposure.
  17. Twilert: Useful if you are continually trying to monitor a brand or a search term on Twitter. It can be set up for any term and you will then be notified about any Twitter activity on it. Similar concept as Google Alerts but for Twitter.
  18. ParrotFishGreat tool that you download on Google Chrome in order to see the full preview of each tweet. Perfect for tweets that have links to photo’s and videos.
  19. BrandChirp: Useful brand management tool for Twitter. Also has a follow target follow feature.
  20. TwitLonger:  For when 140 characters aren’t long enough!