Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quadrapolar Magnets Investigated by Good Medicine Australia

Purchase Q magnets There are 13 available Q magnet models, starting from as little as $10 each. These can be added to your shopping cart and purchased individually below. For best value, choose one of the Q Bonus Packages, additional devices can be added if required. Or you can go to "How To Use" and purchase the recommended combinations for specific pain conditions or download the Fax Order Form. Orders over $200 receive free shipping anywhere in the world, see the shipping charges page for more detailed information.

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Tweet from former Brisbane Lions ruck champion Jamie Charman

It was nice to get a tweet from Jamie Charman the other day. I recall it was a few years ago when Dianne first met Jamie and he had been through a few different king sized beds trying to get a restful sleep while contending with back pain.
Dianne showed Jamie where to place two QF28-6 devices after which he was getting a peaceful sleep with much reduced back pain and a relatively inexpensive and simple solution.
Tweet from Jamie Charman
Tweet from former Brisbane Lions ruck Jamie Charman