Friday, November 9, 2012

Answers for the sceptics re use of Magnets for pain relief!

Homeopathy, Magnetic Therapy and Placebos

This is an excellent article from Prof. Edzard Ernst and his homeopathic journey from advocate to sceptic. Personally, I know very little about homeopathy and will not pass judgement. But we are experts in magnetic therapy and these are observations … Continue reading 
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Q magnet therapy and power balance band holographic technology.

What’s the deal with the Power Balance Band and are there any similarities with Q magnets? As we explain on our magnetic therapy page, some products claim to influence the energy fields around the body. There is no research to … Continue reading 
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Penetration depth of Q magnets

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a physiotherapist who was the coach of a triathlete club. Seeing we have had a number of professional triathletes and ironmen having great results with Q magnets, I thought it might be … Continue reading 
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Extreme skeptic … converted!!!

At a recent inservice at our Victorian clinic, Dianne converted me from an extreme skeptic to a true believer.  I have suffered from intermittent pain from 2 degenerative Lumbar spine discs since 1988.  Although I have few acute episodes recently I … Continue reading
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