Friday, September 14, 2012

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From an international friend and contact in the UK who is expert in using social media.


I've had 3 different conversations with 3 different people this week, and in each case the conversation turned to blogging; in particular how hard it is to think of things to write.

In each case, upon looking at the person's business blog, I could see that they'd taken the 'me, me, me' approach to blogging - all of their content was about them, their offers, their latest news etc, and none of that info was really of interest to regular readers.

I get that it's hard to think of things to blog about, and I get that you want your company blog to be about your company, but you're not going to build a regular readership or gain any kind of interaction by writing about yourself and your company news every 3 days.

Readers need things that are of interest to them, related to your business; how to's, tips, advice, reiews, recommendations and more.

It can be hard to think of what to write when you're so close to the subject (which is why so many people have taken me up on my Bonkers Blogging Offer ) so here are two must read blog posts to help you think about your business blog from a different angle or two.

21 Things You Can Blog About Right Now -

This does exactly what it says on the tin - 21 ideas for blog posts you could write right now. If you're posting 3 times a week, that's 7 weeks of subjects for you right there! Let me know if you use any of the ideas; i'd love to help you to promote your blog posts via my own social media accounts, and you might reach visitors you wouldn't otherwise get to.

31 Smart Business Blogging Prompts -

A great post from the fab Sarah Arrow - well worth reading. Sarah points out a few ways to find things to blog about - the magazine prompt is a great one and one I've used many times when bloggers' block has struck.

If you like Sarah's post, please comment on it and let her know I sent you - she might buy me chocolate :)

That's it from me for today, I'm still fighting BT over my landline so work seems to be taking twice as long as it should - if you see me tweeting and facebooking at 3am you'll know I'e pulled another all nighter to get everything caught up - the middle of the night is my faourite time to work, I have to say.

And don't forget, if you're still not self hosting your blog on Wordpress, you really should be - find out more about this here

Happy Blogging!

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