Friday, September 14, 2012

Reading....the 24/7#Social Media time battle #LinkedIn gets up first, but #Pinterest stays up later…

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LinkedIn gets up first, but Pinterest stays up later…

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Stats and research fascinate me, and I’m constantly experimenting with the best times to post on various Social Media sites, so this fab infographic from Social Caffeine had me squealing with delight (yeah I know, I’m easily pleased).
Based on their research, all of the different sites have very different optimal times to post.
So, for example, LinkedIn users seem to be early risers, and it’s better to post your content there between 7 and 9am, but your average Twitter post isn’t going to do so well until about 1-3pm. Pinterest users stay up late and pins get clicked on into the early hours, whereas your average Google+ user isn’t paying much attention between 6pm and 8am.
You might think it doesn’t really matter, but if you take the info in the infographic below, and use it alongside a blog post I wrote recently about spreading out your blog post promotion, you could increase your blog views, interaction and enquiries massively.
Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

good time zones tool to allow you to maximise the effectiveness of your postings...