Tuesday, September 11, 2012



I've got one of those big giant Television screens in my home plus of course the inevitable all singing, all dancing DVD player – wonder how long before that becomes obsolete!!!!
Sitting down in front of this screen is just like being in the theatre. Lights are down low, bottle of wine and snacks by my side and my wife continually refilling my glass….what more could a man want?

Anyway, this room is our sanctuary. This is where we move away from the real world and enter a world of fantasy and make believe. Where anything can and does happen. I generally go “deaf” when watching movies in this room of ours, not because I have the volume up high – which I do – but because I become so absorbed and engrossed in what I am watching, I become involved. It’s my downtime, my switch off time, my battery recharging time.

This is also my thinking time. For as I enter this world of make believe my mind can wander and roam at will, around my mind, in and out of my memory banks, like a vacuum cleaner reaching into all those crevices containing scraps of information.

That’s enough about my mind and it’s workings!!

Anyhow, the other evening I was watching a factual documentary/movie, “The Right Stuff – How the future began”, about the space race, the development of space travel and where it’s all going to lead.

The film took us back to 1947, just at the end of World War ll, and the year that I was born. It was set at a secret research centre in Muroc Dry Lake Bed, now known as Edwards Air Force Base and stretched to the limits the skills of the test pilots based there. These pilots were brave young men who day after day would put their lives on the line, and in many cases their lost their lives, in the pursuit of testing the theories of others – these “others” of course being the scientists of the day.

Around this time there were some who believed that a sound barrier existed and that if you flew fast enough you could fly through it and “break” that barrier.

There were those who did not believe in, or accept the existence of a “sound barrier”, and even if it did exist that no one could fly that fast.

Then there were the pilots who didn't know what to believe, they just knew that if it did exist, and if it could be broken then they could do it. “Just give us a plane that can fly that fast and we’ll fly it”, they said.

Of course, we now know that after many accidents and deaths that those test pilots did manage to fly the necessary speed and break the sound barrier.  Those test pilots are pretty much the same as you and I – apart from the fact that we can’t fly that fast!

They believed in their ability to complete a task and had the attitude of, “If it can be done, then I can do it”.

That’s a strong attitude and opinion to have but it is the only attitude and opinion to have if you are to succeed. If they didn’t have that strength of belief in themselves and their abilities then they would die – of that fact you can be sure!!

But what about the doubters, those that said it couldn’t be done. Why didn’t the pilots listen to them? Why didn’t the pilots just walk away and say no way? The reason is that they wanted it to be true and they wanted to be the ones that would prove it to be true.
They therefore had to doubt the doubters. They had to assume that the doubters were wrong and to believe inthemselves and their skills. The moment that they started questioning their own abilities, the moment they doubted their own beliefs they would be dead!!

A drastic result!!!!

How many doubters have you let affect your beliefs?
How many times have you packed your bags and gone home because of the doubt of others which has lead you to doubt your beliefs?

Where would we be today, if all the pioneers of yesteryear believed the doubters of their day, listened to the doubters, and followed the doubters creed: “It is safer to give up before you start – fewer disappointments!!” ?

Where would you be today if you had ignored the doubters of the past and believed in your beliefs?

The only way forward is to doubt doubt,
don’t doubt beliefs!!