Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Personal Development and teaching...Don't Squander the Abilities of Others

Don't Squander the Abilities of Others

I love this planet of ours, it's contrasts, it's beauty, it's challenges, and of's people.

I love this planet because every day is a new day, bringing with it new tastes, new sensations and new experiences all of which leave a lingering kaleidoscope of memories and pictures in my mind, that can be re-called and relived at any time.

I love people, for it is people that provide those memories and experiences. It is people that bring life and vibrancy into this world. It is through the diversification of people that makes the planet what it is, that gives it it's excitement, colour, and most important of all the unexpectedness as to what tomorrow might bring.

I love the fact that we are all so different, with different ideals, standards, philosophies and goals. We are all individuals, and it is this individualism that I love the most. We might all "look" basically the same, but my goodness me how different we all are.

It's this individuality that provides us with doctors, musicians, scientists, mothers, fathers, secretaries, builders, priests, missionaries, bus drivers, airline pilots, nurses... I love it, I love them all. Knowing that each person I meet is going to be different, unique, each bringing with them a new set of experiences from which I can learn and gain new sensations for myself.

Yet there are those amongst us who can't see this individualism, who can't see the value of these differences, and who can't see the benefit allowing the full spectrum of diversification to enter their lives. So often when we meet people that are "different" or don’t conform to "our" rules they are often ignored, sidelined, not allowed in.

The work place is a breeding ground for this attitude where if you "don’t fit in" then you are out!!! Some employers also adopt this philosophy of if you are not a team player you are out. Ability doesn’t count, being a team player does. All well and good to a certain point, but what happens when you have a "team" without ability. A team that although they look happy, are having fun, and work well together don’t actually achieve anything. We sometimes become so focused on what we don’t like that we become de-focused on what we should like.
This is also the case to a much larger extent in Networking.

We sponsor people, promising them the earth, talk to them about becoming independent, open their eyes to a world of opportunity whereby they can use the life skills they have developed in a direction that could change their lives forever, only to ostracize them if they don’t follow the direction, guidance, and advice given.

The number of times I have heard sponsors describe their downlines as, useless, not interested, not teachable, not goal orientated, can't see the big picture... and so on.and so on...

Interesting isn't it, that before these "useless people" came into our lives they had learned to, walk, talk, run, sing, sew, cook, drive, paint, become a mother, become a father, do DIY, garden, fly, boat, use a computer...

...and then, suddenly they enter the world of Networking, and because we can only see what they can't do and not what they can do...

because they want different things to us
because they go about things differently
they become unteachable, useless, not worth working with.

Your ongoing, & future success depends upon your ability to recognise the talents of others, to recognise their individualities, to be open to their life experiences and to be able to weave your life as a tapestry of those experiences.

Never squander, abuse, or take for granted the miracle of another human being. Value them as you would have your life valued and you will be rewarded in abundance.
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