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Necker Island is the preferred vacation spot for a slew of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Kate Winslet, Oprah, Jimmy Fallon and David Beckham, among many others.
Our videographer Robert Libetti and I were invited to visit Necker by Virgin Limited Edition, Branson's company that manages the rentals of the island and his other luxurious vacation retreats, and we got to live the life of the rich and the famous from two and a half days.
We have been publishing posts about our trip this week, and there is more to come. You'll be able to find them all here.
Staying at Richard Branson's private island will cost you $42,000 a night if you rent the whole island, or just $27,000 a week if you book a villa.
The Necker villas can host 16-28 people who enjoy Bali-style accommodations, nature-inspired, open living quarters, and wildlife mise-en-scène.
Check out what my accommodations on the island were like, and find out why you may have to be a little bit of an exhibitionist on the island, depending on your bathroom.
Disclosure: We were flown out to Necker Island, BVI by Virgin Limited Edition, which covered our travel and lodging expenses.