Thursday, September 13, 2012

ON LINE STORAGE FREE new Google drive... cool tool...access from any device any where

We're writing to let you know about important changes to Google Docs.
Google Drive is the new home for Google Docs
This means the 3 files that you own and the 2 files that have been shared with you will now be available in Drive, and you can access them anytime can still do everything you could before, like create, share and collaborate with Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Now, you can access your stuff anywhere, find files faster, and work with more web apps.

Access your stuff anywhere.
With Drive, all your stuff is in the cloud, so you can access it wherever you are. And with the Drive desktop and mobile apps, it's much easier to upload and sync your files across all your devices. Drive is available for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone & iPad devices.
Find files faster.
Look for files by keyword and Drive searches everything — even text within scanned documents or images without any text at all. Drive also comes with a simplified navigation to help you better organize your files, and there's a new grid view to help you see thumbnails at a glance. Learn more about the new look and how to find your files.
Beyond Google Docs,
Drive now works with other web apps.
Google Docs are now stored in Google Drive, so you can continue to work with others in real time on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Plus, Drive is integrated with a growing number ofthird-party apps, so you can do things like send faxes, edit videos and create website mockups all in one place.

On behalf of files everywhere,
The Google Drive team