Friday, September 28, 2012

"Serving others leads to greatness. Find ways to serve others and you will be rewarded."

Blaine and Beth Oelkers

 "Serving others leads to greatness. Find ways to serve others and you will be rewarded." Blaine and Beth Oelkers began with TriVita years ago. “After a few weeks of due diligence and a meeting with Michael and Marcus, I was in!” Blaine said that years ago, TriVita was the only home-based business in North America that enrolled customers through its infomercials that you could acquire, and then provided direct mail follow-up to those customers free of charge. “Today, years later, that's still true. Our TriVita is the only company in North America – perhaps even the world – that has those two key elements.” The Oelkers initially built their TriVita business using their warm market contacts and the infomercial customers. They worked with their acquired customers to educate them on the products and then grew their business by asking them for referrals. The Oelkers credit the Co-Op Advertising System as being the most important tool in the growing of their business. “That, in combination with the Gift of Health, has allowed us to grow to hundreds of thousands of customers.” The Oelkers are thankful to many who have helped them along the way. “Certainly I feel blessed from above to be able to reach such a high level with TriVita.” Blaine is appreciative of his wife and children for their contributions to the business and also for the hard work and support of the team. “I would say they are the ones that made my success.” The Oelkers would like to thank each of them by name “but there’s just too many of them!” The pair acknowledges the other Presidentials in their line who deserve special recognition: Jenn Possick, Joshua Possick, Kare Possick, Mitch Lover, Pete Monchek and Steve Burns. The Oelkers are also thankful for the role TriVita corporate played in their success, including the Ellison family. “Everyone at TriVita has given tremendous parts of their lives to TriVita and we thank them for that.” The Oelkers offer up advice to other Affiliate Members looking to grow their TriVita businesses. “It really can be summarized in two words – Share and Earn.” They say it is simply sharing the products with others and connecting them with TriVita to earn rewards – in the form of money and what money cannot buy. “Serving others leads to greatness. Find ways to serve others and you will be rewarded.” The Oelkers also advise Affiliate Members to learn all they can about TriVita's products. “Experience them for yourself and share those experiences.” Lastly, the pair advises, “remember you're not alone. Work with your upline team, your upline Director and upline Presidential Director. If you want to ensure your business grows every week – set up a weekly meeting with someone in your upline team. Let them brainstorm with you, support you, hold you accountable and be your biggest cheerleader. It will make a difference.” The Oelkers are looking forward to the international expansion and future with TriVita. “It's refreshing to work with TriVita and know they care about the customer. It's that caring that keeps this business profitable for the Affiliates – year after year after year. And now we are going take that caring to the world.”

Wellness Stories

“I had chronically stiff, swollen and painful knees for some time and everything I tried didn't help. Then I saw a flyer for Nopalea and started on the Loading Phase for the first month. The improvement in my knees has been amazing. I really notice a difference if I don’t take it for a few nights. I’m also sleeping better, and don’t get as many aches and pains. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of trying Nopalea to do it immediately. You have nothing to lose except your pain.”
- Sheryl G. – Australia

“Nopalea helps me stay strong and keep on top of my game...”
“My job is very physically demanding. I spend 6 days a week, riding, training, and roping horses that requires lifting heavy bales of hay, placing saddles, and taking care of the horses. I can't afford to be in pain for any length of time. Since I started drinking Nopalea, my mobility improved, and I no longer have the overall body soreness I used to have. Nopalea helps me stay strong and keep on top of my game physically.”
- Jess C. - Cave Creek, AZ 

“After injuring myself in 2005, I've undergone 4 medical procedures and been in pain for many years. Before my injury, I had been a very active person, but I could no longer enjoy my favorite activities. Since I started taking Nopalea, I've had minimal pain, increased mobility, and my overall wellness is so much better! Nopalea gave me back the quality of life I had lost for so many years. ”
- Martha D - Cave Creek, AZ
“I am so happy with Nopalea that I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in inflammation-related pain.”
“I am so excited to share with you how wonderful I have found your Nopalea product to be. About 4 months ago I started taking it daily. I was only taking about 3 oz. a day and may have needed to take more for the Loading Phase. However, after two months, I noticed that I could move more freely and I was not having the aches and pains. I was so thankful that I did not stop taking this product and gave it a chance to get into my body and reduce the inflammation. I am so happy with Nopalea that I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in inflammation-related pain. Thank you so much for all you do to give people like me a chance to have their health restored and have less inflammation and have the advantage that no other product has offered. May God bless all that you do and may others find out about this great product so that they too can be free to enjoy life in a more abundant way.”
- Debbie N. - Lynn Haven, FL

“I felt amazing! ”
“I must say that I was definitely a skeptic when it came to Nopalea. However what really ‘sold’ me was the fact that TriVita addresses the importance of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health. I purchased Nopalea and shortly afterwards, I felt amazing. I am a competitive figure skater, and the sport is extremely tough on the body. When you land from doing your ‘triple axels’ or take a hard fall on the ice, your body suffers. I have noticed that I don’t get bruised as much when I skate and my skating is more fluid. I also sleep better, and Nopalea tastes great!”
- Kimberly B. - Chicago, IL.